If you have been prescribed Ferinject by your doctor, it will be administered in two possible ways:

Your doctor or nurse will decide on the most appropriate way to give you your treatment and discuss all the benefits and risks with you.

Other common side effects reported by 1-10% of patients from clinical studies include: headache, dizziness, feeling sick, flushing, skin rash, low blood phosphate levels and skin reactions where your injection was given. There is a small (uncommon) risk reported by 0.01-1% of patients which includes long lasting brown discolouration of the skin which can occur due to leakage of Ferinject at the injection site. Inform staff immediately if there is any discomfort, burning, redness or swelling during the infusion. There is a low risk with all iron treatments given directly into your arm that you could experience a reaction known as an anaphylactoid reaction. This can cause symptoms such as swelling of the face, mouth and tongue as well as potentially causing difficulty breathing. Your doctor or nurse who is treating you will monitor you for this (during and for at least 30 minutes after your treatment), and will provide treatment if required. Please tell your doctor or nurse if you feel unwell, or think you may be experiencing any side effects whilst you are being treated with Ferinject.